Treatment Disclaimer

*TREATMENT DISCLAIMER – Dr Bela is highly trained and experienced Dermatologist and Cosmetic doctor, member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission and takes part in yearly medical appraisals in the UK.

Every patient’s treatment is based on an individual assessment of their wishes and expectations; covering their personal medical history, past and existing conditions, medications, an examination of the treatment area, careful planning of the procedures, dosages, order of treatments and it is carefully delivered in a professional manner. It is a personalised process and therefore outcomes and recommendations are variable. Dr Bela explains every procedure and treatment, all the related benefits and possible complications including all material facts giving his patients the ability to make an informed choice prior to consent. All the products Dr Bela uses are original and within expiry date, having gone through a careful assessment regarding their efficacy and safety. Whilst Dr Bela’s patient testimonials are verifiable, it does not mean that you will get the same result and level of satisfaction. Individual results are dependent upon the severity of the ageing process, the timely commencement of the procedures, your compliance with the after treatment recommendations, your expectations, personal perception of the result and regular visits and maintenance treatments. By signing the consent forms you acknowledge that listed complications may occur, in spite of the most careful treatment by Dr Bela. If there are any complications or symptoms you must notify Dr Bela immediately. Not doing so may decrease the efficacy of treatments and also alleviates the severity of unwanted complications.

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