Dermatology (Skin) Consultation with Dr Bela in West London

At Dr Bela Clinic in West London, Dr. Bela, a renowned dermatologist, offers personalized skin consultations for a range of skin concerns. From routine mole checks to the removal of skin tags, warts, and moles, Dr. Bela’s expertise ensures effective treatment for various skin issues. With a focus on patient care and satisfaction, Dr. Bela Clinic provides a welcoming environment for individuals seeking expert dermatological advice and treatment in West London.

What is it for?

If you have any skin-related concerns, such as suspicious moles, acne, lumps, bumps, or rashes, you should schedule a dermatology consultation. This consultation allows a dermatologist to assess and address your skin issues, providing personalized guidance and treatment recommendations. By addressing these concerns early on, you can prevent potential complications and maintain healthy, radiant skin.

What is included?

A Dermatology Consultation includes:

– A head-to-toe medical examination (you will need to undress to your underwear – see chaperoning policy below).

– Examination and discussion of your specific symptoms.

– Checking all your moles.

– Advice based on the findings during the examination.

– Discussion of treatment options for your symptoms, with prescriptions if needed.

– Referral to a specialist if necessary.

– Answers to all your questions.

– Images taken of all relevant skin findings for documentation or later comparison (stored securely on an encrypted drive).

– A chaperon is available upon request.

What is needed for your visit?

– If you have seen other professionals (e.g., your GP) before this appointment, please bring medical assessment reports.

– A list or images of all prescribed medications.

– Histology results, if applicable.

– Photo ID.

– Children (aged 16 or younger) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. An ID check will be performed, and parental authority will be verified (please bring the child’s ID and birth certificate, if available).

45min appointment – £180

Schedule a personalized dermatology consultation with Dr. Bela today for healthy, radiant skin!

Dr Bela clinic chaperoning policy