Botox injections in The Hogarth MediSpa, West London to treat wrinkles of the upper face and jawline or sweating of armpits and the scalp.

There is a very fine balance on the upper face keeping the natural movements but preventing the formation of deep lines or making them less visible. This is achievable with careful examination, planning and delivery of Botox injections.

Botox Injections or more precisely botulinum toxin is a purified protein derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It has been researched for more than 100 years since its identification in 1895. Today botulinum toxin has more than 26 different therapeutic indications in more than 80 countries and usually tops the charts of most popular non-surgical treatments worldwide.
It has its approval for frown lines since 2002 and from 2004 for severe underarm sweating too.
It is administered in small injections to reduce specific muscle activity by blocking the overactive nerve impulses that trigger excessive muscle contractions or glandular activity (sweating).

  • frown lines between the eyes (angry look)
  • horizontal lines on the forehead
  • crow’s feet lines at corners of eyes (tiredness)
  • jawline (Nefertiti lift) along the jawline (definition, sagginess)
  • masseter muscles (Bruxism), sometimes together with temple fillers
  • neck (Platysma bands)
  • underarm area for excessive sweating

This list would be too long here, so I will keep it short focusing only on the most relevant aesthetic aspects. As we age, lines and wrinkles appear lending some unwanted negative expressions to our face. Frown lines make us look angry, down turning corners sad, strong chewing muscles make the face square, just to mention a few. With Botox injections along with dermal fillers, we can turn these negative attributes into positive. We can prevent the fixation of the lines or treat existing signs of ageing.
Also, people with excessive underarm sweating are very satisfied with their treatment and come back for the next one immediately as it wears off.

Usually with two sessions a year you can achieve the benefits of Botox injections since the longevity is 3 to 4 months; in case of treatment of excessive sweating, it is longer. A smaller percentage of my patients who ask for the frozen look, they come back three times a year.
There is a free top-up session 2 to 3 weeks after the injection when your treatment is fine-tuned if needed at no extra charge.

There isn’t. For 10-15 minutes there is a slight redness at the injections sites, but nothing else. Very rarely bruising can happen, but it is circumscribed and small in size.

Relaxing the frown area is not natural, but we don’t really need it since it conveys only negative facial messages. Interestingly, there is also a positive biofeedback on the mood from the treatment of this area. On the other hand, it is closer to the natural look if the forehead muscles are not completely frozen. This is possible with carefully selected injection sites and dosage.
We do not need the platysma bands either, so their treatment does not affect the ‘natural look’. On the other hand keeping the crow’s feet area more active is needed for a true smile, since it can ‘show the secret emotion of the soul’.

The duration of botulinum toxin on muscles is around 3 to 4 months depending on each individual case. It is longer on glandular secretion (excessive sweating); experience shows it is closer to 5 months in these cases.

For the first 6-12 hours after treatment don’t exercise, bend excessively or lie down. Avoid wearing make-up and drinking alcohol for 12 hours after treatment. For further 2 weeks, avoid beauty treatment on your face (ie. facials, face massage). It takes on average 2 to 3 days to start working.

The initial consultation is the most important part of your journey in facial aesthetics if you are new to it. Almost all patients have a different degree of misunderstanding regarding dermal fillers and Botox injections. After the initial consultation with Dr Bela, you will have a good understanding of the most important aspects of your treatment such as your treatment plan, product selection, your safety, results, longevity and budget. With this information, you will be able to make an informed decision about your look and treatments.

First area* £210
Two areas* £275
Three areas* £335
Additional areas £65
Male premium £50
Armpits (2x50U)
(Excessive sweating)

*Free top up within one month is included in the price.

*DISCLAIMER: Individual results and their perception will vary from person to person. Specific results thus cannot be guaranteed. Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Notice at the bottom of this page.