Mole Clinic

Dr Bela’s mole clinic based on comparative analysis of moles

5th September 2017

Clinic DRIVE: Episode 2: what should be the most important part of every mole check?

Watch the second episode of the Clinic DRIVE series about what is the most important part of any mole check process. Would you recognise this early […]
21st September 2017

Single most important difference among mole check methods

Dr Bela talks about the single most important difference among mole check methods, which is the dermatoscopic images of moles. This makes it possible to diagnose […]
26th December 2021

2021: 4 takeaways from my dermatology and cosmetic practice

This is the end of the year, a great time to reflect. So, I took my camera and shot a quick video about my biggest takeaways […]
9th February 2023

Dr. Bela’s TikTok Channel: Learn About Skin Cancer and Save Your Life

Skin cancer is a serious concern for many people, and it’s essential to understand your personal risk and how to detect it early on. A quick […]