By booking an appointment with Dr Bela, you accept the following:

Time is our most precious asset, and mutual respect is the foundation of a good patient-doctor relationship.

Life happens to all of us, and we all do our best to manage it.

These are the terms of my Cancellation policy which allows me to manage my time and practice effectively.

There is a 24h cancellation policy, which means anybody is free to cancel their appointment outside this period.

Cancellation within the 24h period: £50 late cancellation fee – exceptions apply.

NO SHOW that I consider the biggest disrespect: I invoice the full treatment fee.

Botox review (top-up) No-show: the opportunity for a free Botox top-up is lost.

Thank you for respecting these terms and conditions.

EXCEPTIONS (late cancellation):
– event of a close bereavement
– having an infectious disease (feeling unwell)


“A truck turned over, so I couldn’t make my way to the appointment. Life happens. Why should I pay the £50 late cancellation fee when it is out of my control?”

When you don’t turn up to your appointment or cancel within 24h for whatever reason, so I don’t have a chance for someone else to take up the slot, I make a loss of £150 to £1000. So, whatever happens to my patients’ lives and they don’t turn up, I make a loss, period.

The late cancellation fee is your £50 contribution to this loss, which covers 5-30% of it, so it is still me who has the most of it.

I hope it makes sense 🙂