Dr Bela’s Patient Ambassadors

Sometimes it is not easy to make up your mind and contact an aesthetic clinic for possible treatments. You may already watching the sings of ageing on your face and thinking about doing something for a time, but the dodgy results in newspapers, TV programmes and on the internet make you hesitant. How can I find a good and experienced doctor whom I can trust and achieve my desired, natural look? By talking to one of Dr Bela’s Patient Ambassadors, you can gain valuable information that can make your decision easier whether he is the right doctor for you or you should keep looking further.

If you wish to talk a Patient Ambassador, please send your request to info@drbela.clinic and we are sending you a contact.

NB: Dr Bela’s Patient Ambassadors are NOT sales people and they are not incentivised to convince others. They are Dr Bela’s patients who are happy to talk to prospective patients and help them on their journey, whether they come to Dr Bela or not.