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21st December 2023
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30th December 2023
The Vital Foundation of Our Health: The Gut Microbiome
21st December 2023
The ONLY Worthwhile New Year’s Resolution
30th December 2023

In the fight against melanoma, one of the deadliest skin cancers, knowledge is our greatest weapon. A key aspect often debated is whether the size or the depth of melanoma is more indicative of its severity. In this article, we explore this crucial question and emphasize the importance of proactive measures in mole checks.

Redefining Melanoma Perception:

Think about your mental image of melanoma. Often, we conjure up images of advanced, noticeable skin changes. However, as an experienced dermatologist, I emphasize the importance of identifying melanoma in its earliest stages, often referred to as micro-melanomas. These initial stages may be more challenging to diagnose; however, when detected and treated early, they lead to a complete cure.

Advances in Melanoma Screening:

The strides made in medical technology, especially with tools like dermatoscopes, have revolutionized how we detect melanoma. We can now identify it at much earlier stages, moving beyond the reliance on more apparent and later symptoms traditionally associated with this condition.

Analyzing the ABCDE Rule:

The ABCDE rule is a common guideline for identifying melanoma, but it has flaws. For example, ‘D’ suggests focusing on lesions over 6mm in diameter. Yet, studies indicate that 30% of melanomas under 5mm are already invasive, so they can be deadly.

Key Indicator: The Depth Factor:

Contrary to common belief, it’s not the size but the depth of a melanoma that is a critical indicator of its seriousness. The depth determines the aggressiveness of the cancer and impacts patient survival prospects.

The Imperative of Early Detection:

Early detection stands as the most effective defense against melanoma:

– Generally, smaller melanomas equate to shallower depths, which are less threatening.

– Early symptoms can be subtle, so don’t wait for more pronounced signs like bleeding or itching.

– Regular self-examinations and professional assessments are vital.

– Dermatoscopes play an essential role in early and accurate detection.

Grasping the nuances of melanoma is essential for its prevention and treatment. Our new Online Mole Check platform offers comprehensive guides and videos to aid you in conducting self-examinations at home, and you can immediately upload the images of suspicious lesions for medical analysis. These checks can be life-saving. Be vigilant, monitor your skin, and seek professional evaluation for any anomalies. Early detection remains a crucial lifesaver.

We invite you to share this article to broaden awareness. Together, we can make early detection a common practice, significantly reducing the risks associated with melanoma.

Dr Bela

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