The ONLY Worthwhile New Year’s Resolution

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Reflecting on the Value of Resolutions

Is it worth committing to a New Year’s resolution at all? Is it worth reflecting on our lives at the end of the year and at the beginning of a new one?

Our answer must be yes. Otherwise, it would be insane to expect different (better) results by doing the same things over and over again – unless you are completely satisfied with your life. So, we need to reflect and course-correct from time to time. The end of the year is a fantastic opportunity for that.

Identifying the Most Impactful Aspect of Life

We can reflect on many aspects of our lives, but which is the most important one? Is there one at all?

I believe YES, there is, and I will use Steven Bartlett’s analogy here: there is an imaginary table in our lives that holds everything important to us. You can remove anything from that table and nothing major happens, but if you remove the table itself, everything else falls to the ground and smashes into pieces.

What is the table of our lives? Let me help if you haven’t guessed so: it is our health.

The Paramount Importance of Health

Nothing else matters if you lose your health; it is as simple as that.

Now, is there a single ONE thing that determines our health the most?

Is there a single ONE thing that is more effective than any drugs that we humans have come up with?

Yes, there is. Based on the brilliant book by Dr Peter Attia, Outlive, it is scientifically well-established that this one thing is exercise.

Exercise: Simplicity and Effectiveness

Is it that simple? – you may ask. Yes, it is!

Nothing else is as effective as regular exercise to extend your lifespan and more importantly, your health span.

Defining Health Span

What is health span in layman’s terms?

This is the rest of your life when you can enjoy the things dear to you in good health. Pretty important, isn’t it?

This is when you can be with your children, grandchildren, family, travel the world, enjoy your hobbies or whatever matters to you. Once your health declines, all these things become more and more inaccessible to you.

This is the point I want to reflect on the Mohammed Ali quote: It is now when you can win the extra quality years of your life with your preparation, which is regular exercise. You can do nothing about it once you are in the ‘ring, fighting for your life’.

Dr Attia’s Research and the Impact of Exercise

Dr Attia’s research shows that even fairly minimal exercise can lengthen your life with several quality years. It delays the onset of most chronic diseases. It can slow or reverse physical or cognitive decline. So, if you adopt one new habit this year and make it your new year’s resolution, it must be regular exercise.

Exercise Statistics and Its Impact

Based on statistics, 42% of the UK population does ZERO exercise. The similar number in the US is 77%. Even a little bit of daily activity is better than nothing. Ninety minutes of exercise a week significantly reduces one’s risk of dying from any cause. No drug can do that.

People who exercise regularly live a decade longer than their peers who live sedentary lives.

I hope I have convinced you by now to make regular exercise your New Year’s resolution.

Practical Steps to Implement Exercise

OK, so what now? What exactly to do?

You know your level right now; you know how much you exercise. You can improve from there.

Here are 7 key steps you can make:
  1. Commit to and join a fitness club near you.
  2. Find a gym body and accountability partner (your spouse, a friend or find someone in the gym).
  3. Schedule (book in) at least 3 exercises per week and turn up no matter what.
  4. Pick activities you like, but it should be challenging to grow.
  5. Focus on both cardio (HIIT) AND strength (weightlifting).
  6. Increase your daily protein intake (I recommend plant-based protein).
  7. Track your activity with MYZONE or similar technology and visualize your progress.

It took me 60 months to achieve 1300 MEPs (45min intensive exercise is app. 110 MEP) every month to get here 🙂


Supercharging Your Routine With Supernatural Impact

Muscle mass and strength determine our longevity better than anything. The stronger we are, the longer we live. The best way is to systematically act based on the 7 steps above.

But how can you supercharge it even more with a bit of technology?

Use our EMsculpt NEO state-of-the-art technology to build more muscle and burn fat simultaneously with this FDA-approved device. Studies showed that EMsculpt NEO treatments activate muscle growth to a level roughly equivalent to 12 to 16 weeks of a resistance training program in the gym. You can find out more about this technology by clicking this link.

Use the 2024+1 code when booking a consultation with Dr Bela, and you will receive +1 treatment in the area of your choice after your last session.

You can check out before-after images via this link.

Book an EMsculpt NEO consultation with Dr. Bela by calling 020 7111 0874 or WhatsApp at 0757 211 0677.

Final Thoughts: Embracing a Healthier Future

In conclusion, as we stand at the threshold of a new year, let’s embrace the power of regular exercise, not just as a resolution but as a transformative journey towards better health and a longer, more fulfilling life.

The steps and strategies discussed are more than just guidelines; they are the keys to unlocking a healthier, better-quality future.

Make a decision. Commit to regular exercise as your New Year’s resolution. Follow the 7 steps and supercharge it with technology. Share your decision, progress, and inspiration from your journey with others.

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