Expert Advice to Get the Most Out of Your First Aesthetic Consultation

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3rd February 2024
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Expert Guide to Mole Removal: Safe Practices and What to Avoid – Dr Bela Clinic
3rd February 2024
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10th April 2024

Expert Advice to Get the Most Out of Your First Aesthetic Consultation

How to Save Years’ Worth of Frustration?

Let me jump straight to the most important message I want to convey in this post: patients often wait years before they gather the courage to book a consultation with an aesthetic doctor about potential tweakments.

Why is this a bad strategy?

Typically, patients spend years observing and analysing the signs of ageing as they appear on their faces. A line here, a shadow there – gradually, they build up a saggy, angry, or tired look. These negative emotions sneak into our personal relationships, negatively influencing them, not to mention our self-esteem.
When these signs become ‘bad enough’ years later, finally, they finally find the courage to book a consultation.

What is a better approach?

I suggest turning the entire process around. Learn about the ageing process, its signs and symptoms, and what can be done about them right from the start.
Let’s say, at around age 30, I recommend a first visit to an aesthetic clinic with an experienced practitioner to discuss these topics.
This way, there are no frustrations, no desperate daily mirror checks, and no endless internal debates like ‘I’m starting to look like my mother—bless her—and what can I do about it?’. A consultation brings understanding, clarity, and a plan, which ultimately means peace of mind.

Prevention is Key

If your first consultation occurs early enough in your aesthetic journey, many issues are preventable or easy to treat. If you wait the typical 2 to 10 years to muster the necessary courage, you might miss out on the low-hanging fruit, the preventable and easy-to-treat issues.

The Holistic View: Health Span

In my initial aesthetic consultations, I always start with a general overview of the health span question. My philosophy is: “Why fix a line or a shadow when the person is slowly harming themselves with their lifestyle and daily habits?” As a medical doctor, I believe it is my responsibility to briefly touch on these topics, enabling my patients to reflect on how they’re doing in this regard.

UV/Sun Protection

Through my practice, I’ve noticed how massively patients underestimate the importance of sun protection and the severity of the damage that UV rays can cause to their skin and appearance, not to mention their risk of skin cancer and melanoma. Therefore, I always discuss sun protection during the initial consultation, so it’s something important that someone can learn about sooner rather than later – imagine the extent of sun damage accumulated over the years while gathering the courage for a consultation.

Importance of Daily Skin Care Routine

Another significantly underrated topic is daily skin care. Some patients don’t have a routine at all, while others use ineffective products. Understanding the basics of high-quality skincare, what constitutes a good product, and what exactly one needs based on their skin type, problems, and goals are crucial.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

I can confidently state that there’s a significant misunderstanding about non-invasive aesthetic treatments among patients. And that’s understandable. How would they know? There are so many things in the world we aren’t familiar with, hindering our progress in life. One such area is personal care (skin and body) and how to approach and manage aging. An initial aesthetic consultation is a golden opportunity to learn about all these aspects and gain some basic understanding and control; preferably sooner rather than later.

Botox Injections

This is another topic that often requires clarification. No, Botox Injections are not toxic, and yes, they are safe. Preventative and therapeutic. An aesthetic consultation is an excellent opportunity to clarify its use, safety profile, applications, longevity, potential complications, and, of course, to receive a personalized treatment plan. I explain in detail what I recommend and why, so the patient understands. The key to making informed decisions is a thorough understanding.

Dermal Fillers

If confusion exists about Botox, it’s even greater with dermal fillers. This isn’t surprising because it’s a complex and multifaceted issue. There are many types of fillers and numerous indications to discuss. Laying the foundation during an aesthetic consultation is crucial so patients can comprehend the underlying anatomical and physiological changes and how fillers can counteract them. Discussing a personalised treatment plan, safety profile, longevity, and potential complications are also integral parts of the consultation.

Lots of Value, No Obligation

I hope the points above have convinced you of the value of an aesthetic consultation. The earlier it happens, the better. There are simple and effective actions you can take immediately. Addressing age-related signs when they are minimal is easier. We can also completely prevent certain issues with timely intervention.
You can book multiple consultations with different practitioners to gain various perspectives on the same topics. These consultations are the best way to gauge your chemistry with the practitioner and whether you feel comfortable and trust their expertise. Even if there’s a small fee for the skin consultation, it’s worth it in the long run.

We invite you to schedule your initial aesthetic consultation with Dr. Bela Clinic today. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalised care and tailored solutions to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Book your initial aesthetic consultation today, if you haven’t already.

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