• Dr Bela, Dermatologist & Cosmetic Doctor provides
  • Mole Check
  • Facial Aesthetic Clinic: Dermal Fillers & Wrinkle Injections
  • Bio-stimulation treatments such as Dracula Therapy
  • Promotes Safe Aesthetic Treatments by his campaign

Dr Bela Clinic London

Dr Bela Clinic performing Non-Surgical Cosmetic treatments including Dermal fillers and Wrinkle Treatment injections at Dr Bela’s Skin Clinic, in West London, at The Hogarth MediSpa

Dr Bela, ‘The Doctor of the Natural Look’ as his appreciative patients know him due to his careful assessment and skilled technique is available at his Clinic in Chiswick, West London at The Hogarth MediSpa.

Skin and Cosmetic Treatments

Dr Bela, who is a Dermatologist, the founder of the international MelanomaMobil mole check clinic franchise and Cosmetic Doctor provides a wide range of treatments at his private skin clinic, such as

for female and male patients.

Dr Bela’s Promise

You will look better for your age in a subliminal way. Nobody will be able to tell, but you will receive compliments such as you look refreshed, less angry or relaxed. The treatments are performed in a relaxed environment, in a gentle way, with minimal discomfort if any. All accompanied by some relaxing music combined with Dr Bela’s medical and artistic skills, knowledge, and using the best and original products which guarantees your safety, giving great results and longevity.

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DISCLAIMER: Individual results and their perception will vary from person to person. Specific results thus cannot be guaranteed. Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Notice at the bottom of this page.

Dr Bela's services during the COVID-19 closure


You can read about the details of this service by clicking here. Exactly the same applies, except it all happens online via a zoom or skype call

To register and set up details please send me an email with the subject line "online aesthetic consultation" to


If you have an immediate suspicion about a changing or new mole that cannot wait until life returns to normal you can send some images and I am going to give you my medical opinion by email.


DISCLAIMER: limitations apply!


You can read about this service, the charges, how to take images and the limitations by clicking here.


If you have run out of your favourite Zein Obagi face wash or moisturiser you can re-order by dropping an email to I am going to post you the products. Payments possible online or via the phone.


Please drop me an email to