Clinic DRIVE 4: Do you value your Health and Life?

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The importance of Patient Safety during Aesthetic procedures
2nd October 2017
Sarah talks about her cosmetic skin treatments with Dr Bela
15th October 2017

In this episode of the Clinic DRIVE series, Dr Bela Dermatologist and Cosmetic doctor talks about the recommended health screening tests after anybody hits their forties. He starts with the significance of a proper mindset and supports it with a principle from NLP: people react on their internal map of reality and not the external reality itself.

For this reason, each and every of us has a different perception of the same world, thus a different map. This is the reason why one of us is more successful than the other because one has a better, more detailed and supporting map of the reality in their head. The best way of making a map better is education.

Dr Bela talks about how his years spent in the Oncology department has had a fundamental impact on his map of reality regarding his health and the fragility of the human life. He sets it as an opposite to common beliefs of young people: they think that they are invincible and immortal. Unfortunately, the habits forming during this period are very difficult to be changed later on and many people are fighting with addiction for their adult life.

Dr Bela is wondering how people who are smoking, drinking every day, being fat and inactive are thinking for how long time day can abuse their bodies and health. If it breaks and it does, it is extremely difficult to come back from that point.

It is much better to adopt a healthy lifestyle and have regular health checks whether we are on track.

Dr Bela advocates yearly/two-yearly general blood tests including thyroid and vitamin-D as well. If you consume a large amount of see food check mercury as well.

Two directional chest X-ray, especially if you are a smoker. Abdominal ultra sound to check the major organs.

The first time he has had a carotid doppler examination too to chek the ‘carotid intima thickness’ or existence of placks.

If he wasn’t a dermatologist, he would definitely go to a mole check as well. It is recommended especially for those who have a high number of moles, atypical moles, history of melanoma and being burnt in the sun.

For women cervical smear test, mammography and breast ultrasound examination are recommended.

From the above-mentioned examinations, you can book a blood test and a skin check with Dr Bela.


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