Maximizing Your EMsculpt Neo Experience: Insights from My Personal Journey

Maximizing the Benefits of EMsculpt Neo Treatment: A Comprehensive Lifestyle Guide
16th March 2023
Save Your Life: Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness in May
5th May 2023
Maximizing the Benefits of EMsculpt Neo Treatment: A Comprehensive Lifestyle Guide
16th March 2023
Save Your Life: Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness in May
5th May 2023

EMsculpt NEO is a revolutionary non-surgical body-shaping treatment that utilizes electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency to help build muscles and burn fat. As a practising dermatologist, I am my first patient and underwent five EMsculpt NEO advanced abdominal treatments at my Chiswick, West London clinic. My experience has allowed me to draw valuable conclusions, which I want to share with you.

Treatment Area and Frequency

The number of treatments and treatment areas are determined by the desired results. Someone with more fat requires more treatments. Others with less fat might only need the muscle toning modality (without burning fat). As a medium-sized person, I underwent five advanced treatments in five weeks with both modalities (building muscle and burning fat).

The Super-Gym

EMsculpt NEO treatment is like a super-gym with supra-maximal muscle activity, which is unachievable voluntarily. Four treatments activate muscle growth to a level roughly equivalent to 12 to 16 weeks of resistance training program in the gym, according to studies. It can be an efficient way to quick start a new, healthier lifestyle.

Factors that Affect Results

The results of EMsculpt NEO treatments can differ significantly from patient to patient. The following factors can affect the outcomes:


Original Size

The bigger the muscle we start to work with, the better the results will be. Similarly, the more fat you have at baseline, the more treatments you will require to achieve significant results.


EMsculpt NEO treatments take time to show up in volume and strength (up to 90 days post-treatment). Like in the gym, consistent work is necessary to achieve optimal results.

Hydration (essential)

Proper hydration is crucial for the effectiveness of EMsculpt NEO treatment. Drinking at least 2 litres of water daily is necessary to ensure adequate hydration and maximize the treatment’s benefits.


Growing muscle needs nutrients and a higher base metabolic rate to support the process. In order to achieve this, you need to upgrade your daily activity level and the quality of the food you consume.

Protein Intake

Protein intake is significant for muscle growth. The recommended protein intake for healthy, active adults is 1.4-1.6 g protein/kg daily. However, scientific research suggests that lower protein intake contributes to a longer life span. So, we need to balance our protein intake towards the lower end of the recommendations, but we need to ensure adequate intake. As a vegan, I consume extra pea protein on top of my balanced nutrition within my 8 hours window (8/16 intermittent fasting).

However, elderly people above the age of 65 need to consume more protein to balance their age-related muscle mass loss, especially during EMsculpt NEO treatment.

Metabolic Base Rate

The more active you are, the higher your metabolic rate is, and the better results you can achieve with EMsculpt NEO. Daily fidgeting, standing up, sitting down, small quick movements, shaking your leg, and shivering after ice baths can add up significantly in burnt calories.

Other Factors to Consider

Several other factors contribute to achieving optimal results. Drinking alcohol can be detrimental to the outcome. In my case, intermittent fasting, ice baths, meditation, and breathing techniques can positively impact the results.

Not All Results Are Visible

EMsculpt NEO treatment results extend beyond visible physical changes. Improved muscle strength and endurance, increased metabolism, and improved core strength are some of the benefits that are not easily visible. It can be measured by using different exercises, such as the length you can hold a plank.  Improved core strength also supports the spine, improves overall balance, and stability, which is critical for elderly patients.

Who Would Benefit the Most?

EMsculpt NEO treatment has proven and significant benefits. However, specific groups can benefit the most from the treatment, in my opinion. These groups are women preparing for pregnancy (but not pregnant yet), new moms after delivery, and elderly patients who want to preserve their strength. If you know someone who fits any of these profiles, please forward this article to them.


In Conclusion

EMsculpt NEO treatment is an excellent non-surgical option for body shaping, and the results can be exceptional when combined with proper nutrition, hydration, and an active lifestyle. If you have any questions regarding EMsculpt NEO treatments, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Your devoted, strong core dermatologist, Dr Bela

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