Recent Advances in Botox Injection Techniques: A Personal Journey

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30th December 2023
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3rd February 2024

In my latest blog post I delve into the fascinating world of Botox injections. With over 10 years of experience in this field, I’ve witnessed the evolving landscape of Botox treatments. After a recent refresher training, I’ve compiled a list of 30 key learnings and updates that I’m eager to share with you. Remember, in the world of medical aesthetics, learning never ceases.

The Evolution of Botox Treatments: Adapting to New Anatomical Insights

Why do techniques for well-established treatments like Botox evolve? It’s an intriguing question. The answer lies in our advancing anatomical understanding, fuelled by innovative, non-invasive technologies. These advancements allow us to study living patients more effectively, marking a significant shift from traditional methods that relied on older cadaver studies.

Botox: Safety and Consultation

It’s crucial to note that Botox is a Prescription Only Medicine (POM). This blog post isn’t intended to promote Botox but to inform and educate. Any Botox treatment should always begin with a professional medical consultation. While Botox is generally safe and free from long-term negative effects, a tailored approach is vital for each individual.

Redefining the Purpose of Botox: Beyond Vanity

In my practice, I often discuss with patients the motivations behind their Botox treatments. While some are straightforward medical reasons, such as treating bruxism or excessive sweating, others are not as clear-cut. Many perceive their desire to smooth out frown lines as mere vanity. However, I believe this is more about addressing the medical and psycho-social impact of our facial expressions.

The Importance of Body Language in Our Interactions

Our body language, especially the subtle cues our facial expressions provide, plays a significant role in our interpersonal communications. Deep lines might unintentionally convey feelings of anger or tiredness. Addressing these can have profound psycho-social benefits, transcending the simplistic notion of vanity.

What’s New in Botox Techniques?

Upper Face:

For the upper face, frown lines remain a primary focus. However, injection techniques have been slightly modified for better results, thanks to new anatomical knowledge. A notable addition is the injection point at the lateral brow, designed to achieve a subtle, natural-looking brow lift.


In the midface region, I’ve refined my approach to treating ‘bunny lines‘ on the nose and the ‘dancing’ nose tip’, commonly noticed during speech. Known as a nose lift, this treatment requires precision. The approach to correcting a gummy smile has also evolved, ensuring more scientifically grounded and aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

Lower Face

The lower face has seen significant advancements in technique, particularly in treating the DAO muscles, which affect the corners of the mouth, and the mentalis, impacting the chin area. The approach to treating the masseter muscle for grinding remains largely unchanged, but the jawline and neck lift, or the ‘Nefertiti lift‘, has been refined for more precise results.

Conclusion: Open Invitation for Consultation

These updates from my 30-point list have significantly enhanced my Botox injection techniques. If you’re considering Botox for medical or psycho-social reasons, I encourage you to book a consultation. For any questions or further information, please feel free to get in touch.

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