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Testimonials for Dr Bela Clinic in The Hogarth MediSpa, West London

Testimonial from Linda

testimonial from Linda

Written testimonial from E.H. London

Just received an email from one of my Mole check patients:

Glad to hear that and once again thank you for helping me so much on this matter and finally putting my mind to ease i really appreciate it and can gladly say you are very professional in your area of expertise.
Mat Z, London Dec 2017

Dear Dr Bela
I wanted to thank you for your time and great care yesterday. I have never before had such a pain free experience with such excellent results. I have had no bruising or swelling at all and my skin looks great.
You have definitely gained a new patient and I feel I am in extremely professional and competent hands.
Kind regards, Jayne C”

This is not a testimonial:

I have a patient today in her late sixties for dermal fillers. It was her first treatment for cheek fillers. Usually, I start there because cheeks are the backbone of the face: they support the upper face and lift the lower face, thus the treatment has paramount significance.

When I finished, she sat up on the treatment couch, looked into the mirror and started to cry. I carefully asked her whether it is good or bad? She said, it is good; she is so grateful.

How interesting it is: when I saved someone’s life by finding an early stage melanoma at my mole check, I have never ever received such an incredible response; the ‘tears of satisfaction and happiness’ that I can achieve by fillers.

This is the power of our look.

Dr Bela

I proudly share a new testimonial from Ashley with you:

I am a patient of Dr Horvath, my treatment includes Wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers. I could not be more pleased with my results, Dr Horvath listened to exactly what I wanted and has given me excellent results. He was professional, caring, understanding and very precise. I highly recommend him and his staff at the Hogarth Medispa.

A testimonial from Fiona, London October 2017

My experiences have always been wonderful with Dr Bela. He excels himself every time I see him. He studies my face while asking what I expect and tells me what I can achieve. He has never overfilled or allowed me to have any procedures that he felt in his professional capacity were not in my best interest. He always asks if I am in any discomfort and tells me what he is doing as we go through the procedure. I have been using Dr Bela now for the last 3 years and have no intention of seeing another practitioner. I would definitely recommend him and have done to my friends.

Dear Dr. Bela,

I am safely back in Dubai now and would just like to thank you for such a fantastic consultation and I am very pleased with the results.

I will be in touch as to when I will return to London – hopefully before the end of this year.

I will make an appointment prior to my next visit to UK so I can book a mole check too.

Have great week

Kind regards



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