Botox injections of the forehead at The Hogarth MediSpa, West London to treat wrinkles of the upper face.

Botox injections of the upper face are aimed to smooth out skin, prevent negative facial expressions and the fixation of deep lines.

On the upper face, the frown area is the most important to treat. When we frown it sends a clearly negative signal; angriness. For this reason, I recommend to treat it as a first priority and fully. The forehead is a bit more complicated. Keeping it slightly active contributes to the natural look, so I am more gentle here when treating. The crow’s feet area is similar: we need to keep it relaxed to prevent deep wrinkle formation but since it ‘shows the secret emotion of the soul’ I don’t treat for full relaxation.

Wrinkle Treatment forehead

A good trick for better longevity if you come back for your free top up after the third week, but within a month. If I give a bit more it might be too much for a week or so, but gives you a longer duration overall.

Don’t forget: sun exposure is the primary reason behind the wrinkles so the application of appropriate sun protection is paramount.

Sometimes, when there is a significant volume loss on the upper face (forehead, temples) combination treatment with dermal fillers makes the best results.

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