Lip fillers at The Hogarth MediSpa, West London for lip augmentation and shaping for a fuller, natural look.

Lip fillers, also known as dermal fillers for lips, are a popular cosmetic procedure used to enhance the volume, shape, and definition of your lips. They are injected into the lips by a qualified healthcare professional, typically a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

The fullness and definition of lips have a paramount effect on your look. With lip fillers, they can be artistically reshaped and volumised.

Full and well-defined lips radiate youthfulness and fertility, triggering a hard-wired primitive evolutionary reflex in the observer. This is about being attractive. Although, over-corrected lips also attract attention, but for different reasons. Having unfitting, large lips is not attractive; less is more.

Lip fillers are non-permanent dermal fillers made of Hyaluronic acid, so they are natural. They act like a sponge absorbing and holding water and expanding tissues where it is placed. I use either Juvéderm® Volift or Ultra 3 in lips.

Lips are an important part of the face, so the rejuvenation of an ageing face naturally involves them. Once the supporting areas are restructured, the lips need to be augmented and shaped too. Due to ageing, the fine structures of lips diminish and shrink in volume. Smokers lines can appear and corners turn down, lending us a sad face. All these negative attributes can be turned into positive with fillers.
Genetically narrow lips also can be shaped and volumised with dermal fillers.

In lips, I use either Juvéderm® Volift or Ultra 3 fillers. They have a good longevity and allow precise work on different structures of the lips giving a natural appearance in rest and motion.

More than one syringe of lip fillers is rarely needed, although as lips are part of the face, the treatment of the supporting structures might require more syringes.

Lips swell up for two days after the procedure. Bruising can happen even with the most careful technique. Don’t plan any social event within two-three days after your treatment.
Tell Dr Bela if you use blood thinning medication or stop taking any omega 3 and 6 supplements at least 5 days prior your procedure. Let Dr Bela know if you have had cold sores on your lips in the past.

The lips are not two sausages that need to be filled up. They have their sub-structures like cupid bows, vermilion border, philtral collumns, corners with supporting structures and these should be respected during treatment. This way the natural appearance of lips can be preserved or regained. Lip augmentation is an artistic work.

Due to the continuous movement of lips, the longevity is closer to 9 months, while the same filler has a better duration of 12-15 months in other parts of the face.

Following your treatment, it is important not to touch the treated area or apply makeup for at least six hours. This is to reduce the risk of injection-site infection. For the same reason don’t exercise the same day. Apply cold packs on lips treated to reduce swelling. Be careful with hot drinks after the procedure because the numbing agent used prior to treatment or in the fillers numb your lips and you might burn them.

The initial consultation is the most important part of your journey in facial aesthetics if you are new to it. Almost all patients have a different degree of misunderstanding regarding dermal fillers and Wrinkle treatment injections. After the initial consultation with Dr Bela, you will have a good understanding of the most important aspects of your treatment such as your treatment plan, product selection, your safety, results, longevity and budget. With this information, you will be able to make an informed decision about your look and treatments.
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One syringe of lip filler (1ml) such as Juvéderm® Volift or Ultra 3 costs £400.

Lip contouring with Juvederm® Ultra Kiss (0.6ml) £350.

Dr Bela uses a certain technique for the lips when all important structures are separately addressed and approached via the skin (not through the red of the lips) making the procedure less painful, less prone to bruising and resulting in a more natural look both at rest and during movement.

*DISCLAIMER: Individual results and their perception will vary from person to person. Specific results thus cannot be guaranteed. Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Notice at the bottom of this page.