Cheek fillers at The Hogarth MediSpa, West London

Cheeks are the backbone of the face, very important structures which support the upper face and pull up the lower face and jawline. Dr Bela usually starts the treatment here because it has beneficial indirect effects on almost all other parts of the face.
By volumising the cheeks, we can emphasize the cheekbones, support the eyebrows, smooth out the nasolabial and marionette lines and lift the corners of the mouth and jowl.

The more we improve the cheeks (cheekbone and medial cheek area) with dermal fillers the more lift we can achieve at the jawline too. This is called the ‘indirect approach’ compared to the one used several years ago. It was the ‘chasing the lines’ approach when they filled up the visible lines directly. Now we understand that lines are only the results of the undergoing ageing process (most importantly the shrinkage of the superficial fat pads) which leads the collapse and the sagging of the skin.

As you can see on the image below, due to the volume loss the tissues descended, they don’t support the upper face anymore, so the mole in the eye became visible. After the filler treatment, by volumising the cheeks the lover lids got back to their original position covering the moles. Observe the youthful curves of the cheek area and the disappearance of the malar groove.

You can see the positive effects of volumising treatment with dermal cheek fillers again on the picture below. Before the procedure due to the loss of superficial fat pads as part of the normal ageing process hollowness, grooves and wrinkles appeared. With dermal fillers, the original fullness and projection have been achieved resulting in the patient feeling much better and confident.

Watch Sarah talking about her experience with Dr Bela

Treatment of the cheeks with dermal fillers is at the border of Art and Medicine. One needs to analyse the patient’s face in rest and in movement with different expressions. One has to have an eye for it, like an artist to see where, how much and what kind of filler need to be placed in what order and all this performed with a high standard of hygiene and safety.

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