Tear trough filler at Dr Bela’s Clinic in West London at the Hogarth Medispa

Under eye hollowness either due to the normal ageing process or genetic predisposition causes multiple problems. First of all, it lends a tired appearance. There is a shadow in the through as well which contributes to the appearance of the dark eye circles.

In case of genetic origin in younger age the cheeks are youthful, so the tear trough can be treated in isolation. Later, when the ageing process affects the troughs the cheeks are also depleted, so they should be treated together. More precisely, the cheeks should be treated with firmer dermal fillers first (such as Juvederm Voluma), because it indirectly improves the tear troughs as well. In a second visit 2-3 weeks later we can assess the eyes again and we can decide whether the trough needs a further treatment or not. If so, they can be treated with a more gentle filler such as Juvederm Volbella or Volift. Officially the Volbella is recommended here, but my personal experience is that the Volift gives a much better longevity.

The tear trough dermal filler treatment is an advanced procedure only for experienced injectors with sound knowledge of the local anatomy. I prefer the use of micro-cannulas because the whole tear trough can be treated with only one entry point safely and without any discomfort for the patient.

You can see a combined cheek filler and tear trough filler treatment on the picture below which resulted in a natural, more youthful appearance. Note that, Sarah is 3 years older on the after picture, but she looks at least 5 years younger. This is the beauty of dermal fillers treatments.

Watch Sarah talking about her experience with Dr Bela

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